Shappy aka WarOnRugs pulled the rug on Fairmoon ($FAIR)


  • Give a quick recap of the “FAIRMOON incident” and the scam that took place.
  • Prove that War on Rugs is still in contact with the scam wallets’ owner(s).

Quick recap of “FAIRMOON incident”


  • Outlining the “FAIRMOON incident”.
  • Explaining the bug.
  • A network of wallets sold FAIRMOON for 1.8 million USD leading up to War on Rugs’ bug announcement.
  • The network of wallets has provable ties to the FAIRMOON developer team.
  • FAIRMOON’s statement is dissected and questions are raised regarding it.

Overview and Timeline of the Incident


SafeFairMoon is a fairmoon fork without the buggy code. No dev tokens, 79 year liquidity lock, fully safu. Next stop: the moon. (Not associated with fairmoon)

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